SlugBug formed in the late Summer of 1992 and disbanded in the Summer of 2000. Members included Jeremy Porter (The Regulars, Chutes & Ladders, Clashback, Fidrych), Brian Wimpy (Chutes & Ladders, Brooklawn), Chris 'Hardeaux' Hartmann (Chatham), and Randy 'Waxl' Barrett (Freemasons). Mike 'Hank' Henry (Kid Rock band) replaced Randy for a few months before Brian, Hardeaux and Jer spent the duration of the band as a 3 piece. They played constantly around the upper-midwest and toured the Midwest and East Coast.

The band put out a self-released ep in 1993, 2 - 7" singles and a cassette ep for Chicago's Red Eye Growler Records, and a post-breakup antholgy which includes almost everything they recorded. They also contributed a track to a Dag Nasty tribute CD released in Belgium.

Their hard work and desire to take it as far as they could led to some major label interest in the late 90s but the band broke up as the members went on to new projects. They left an indelible mark on the Downriver Detroit music scene and a reputation throught the region as a great live band with catchy pop-punk songs.

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Jeremy Porter - Guitar & Vocals
Hardeaux - Bass
Brian Wimpy - Drums
Randy Barrett - Guitar & Vocals (7/92 - 10/94)
Mike 'Hank' Henry - Guitar (1/95 - 8/95)


Strong Enough for a Man But Made for a Woman ep. 1993
Live it Down b/w Wednesday Tonite/Sand Pit 7" 1994
Up from Adirondack ep 1994
Values Here (Her Head's on Fire - Dag Nasty Tribute) CD 1995
On the Dime b/w Incomplete Control 7" 1995
Coloring Book/Anthology CD 2002

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